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Birthdate:Oct 25
Location:Washington, United States of America

the basics.

[name] Laranda Lynn Minier
[nickname] Randa, Randalynn, Randie, Randy-Roo, Roo, Andi, RandaPanda
[dob] October 25th (I am well over the age of 18)

the career.

[current profession] bartender

the interests.

[music] Punk, Pop-punk (i.e. Panic! At the Disco, Fall Out Boy, Blink-182, etc), International music (Belinda, Indian ‘pop’ music)
[books] Harry Potter (yes, I’m addicted), Laurel K. Hamilton (the Anita Blake series), Dan Brown books
[favorite pastimes] writing, playing piano, listening to music, dancing

the reason.

Everyone needs a place that they can vent, somewhere to unleash what they're feeling so that they don't go crazy with the thoughts in their heads. Sometimes, all we need is someone to listen, to tell you that everything's going to be alright and in some cases, the virtual hug of a stranger makes it all worthwhile.

the organizations i support.

To Write Love on Her Arms


the credit.

layout credit: [info]thevelvetsun // [info]velvetsunshine
stylesheet by [info]refuted
icons: all icons are credited to the maker unless, of course, they are unknown. if you stumble across an icon that is yours and there is no credit beside it, feel free to let me know so that i can adjust it, pronto. :)

Married to Amy ([info]solace_requiem // [info]strlight_fics) on [info]marry_a_ljuser

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